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Originally Posted by tontoz
As opposed to your wack websites? The ones that defend the Bible without actually quoting it? LOL

The Wikepidia references have a truckload of other references where they got the info from. Do you think they made all these discoveries themselves?

Here are just a few examples of your incoherence.

How about saying that i didn't answer 1% of your questions, when in fact you can't come up with one question that I haven't answered.

How about siting ancient fossil discoveries millions of years old as proof that evolution doesn't have all the answers and then trying to say the world is only 10,000 years old due to some study of the Earth's magnetic field.

Or trying to say that the current fossil record is bogus because of a Neanderthal skelton put together incorrectly 90 years ago.

only some of my websites didnt directly qoute the bible. i know there were questions that you didnt answer, im just not gonna re-read all the posts to find them. if they come up again then we will see if you answer them. when did i ever site ancient fossil discoveries millions of years old as proof that evolution doesnt have answers? there is no fossil millions or billions of years old. someone once tested the same fossil twice, in two different areas of the fossil and there was like a 1000 year difference! thats evolution at its finest.
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