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when did i ever site ancient fossil discoveries millions of years old as proof that evolution doesnt have answers? there is no fossil millions or billions of years old

Maybe you should ask God for some help with your memory. This is from post 220;

Redrawing the Evolutionary Charts
We are asked to accept the theory of evolution as fact. Yet with every new scientific discovery, evolutionists have to go back and redraw their charts. The public is told to believe the evolutionary charts, yet how can anyone believe them when evolutionists are constantly changing them? Listed below are some quotes showing how evolutionists keep redrawing their charts, telling us to disregard what they had previously told us was fact.

"A finding that humans essentially identical to modern man lived in what is now Israel almost 100,000 years ago, stands 'the conventional evolutionary sequence on its head,' according to a report in the journal Nature. This new evidence 'tilts the argument in favor of the notion that humans had a single point of origin,' said anthropologist David Pilbeam of Harvard University." (Boston Globe, "Dating of Ancient Human Bones Redefines Evolutionary Sequence" February 18, 1988.)

"An Arizona State University researcher has found 1.2 billion-year-old fossils containing the earliest known evidence of life on land. Professor Paul Knauth's discovery pushes back the appearance of life on land by 700 million years." (Knight-Ridder News Service, "Fossil Find May Force Revision in Theory of Life's Origins," March 4, 1994.)

"A fossilized bone discovered in Kenya reveals that the forerunners of humans walked upright about a half million years earlier than scientists had shown before." (Associated Press, August 17, 1995.)

"A newly identified ape species pushes back by at least 2 million years the time when great apes and humans must have split." (Associated Press, April 6, 1987.)

"The world's oldest known fossil reptile has been discovered in Scotland, pushing back by at least 40 million years the emergence of reptiles in the evolution of vertebrate life." (New York Times Service, November 17, 1988.)

someone once tested the same fossil twice, in two different areas of the fossil and there was like a 1000 year difference! thats evolution at its finest.

If the fossil itself was 100,000 years old then that would be a deviation of only 1%.
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