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Originally Posted by tontoz
Maybe you should ask God for some help with your memory. This is from post 220;

If the fossil itself was 100,000 years old then that would be a deviation of only 1%.
those are all quotes from EVOLUTIONISTS..i was showing how unsure science usually is of itself and how often the "facts" are changing...get a clue.
actually the object tested wasnt very old, cant remember where i saw this so i wont go on about it anymore. science is constantly changing because they are always trying to disprove creation and will just throw anything out there because people like you will believe anything they say! for years some of these hoaxes were considered the missing link by alot of people because science told them so....that most likely screwed alot of people up and made them think they came from monkeys........this was passed down to people like you/
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