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I hate to be the one to bring you all this bad news. Well actaully, no I kinda like it. After all the queer Illini fans keep bashing Bill Self for leaving that sh*t hole school and bringing Brandon Rush, Julian Wright, & Sherron Collins. This is an article from Enjoy

Will Eric Gordon stick with his verbal commitment to Illinois, or will he change his mind and go to Indiana? Also, where is Derrick Rose likely to go?
Roy from Lostant, Ill.

Could Derrick Rose team with Eric Gordon in college?
I understand that Gordon is "officially" committed to Illinois. But as the saying goes - where there is smoke, there is fire. And there is a whole lot of smoke in this situation.

The general rule is that an officially committed prospect doesn't visit other schools. Gordon, however, just recently visited Indiana with his July backcourt mate Derrick Rose.

Solid sources indicate that the Indiana staff is confident they can land the duo. The sources indicate that the two want to play together.

Memphis will not go down easy in the Rose sweepstakes, however. There is a lot of activity still to take place in this situation.

But if I had to guess, I'd say both will be Hoosiers.
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