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First off we need a solid low post defender and rebounder. If we get a solid low post defender, many of our guards mistakes can be erased, plus our guards can take more chances on defense.

But we cant let a defender down low overshadow our big need for on the ball defenders.

I believe we need a playmaker, and this doesnt necessarily need to be your typical point guard size and type, I believe this person can be found in a three man, let Marbury play off the ball, and the playmaker bring the ball up and spread the ball around. This way Marbury can get his shots and he will still get his assists. A Jalen Rose type of player would fit here, but I dont know if Jalen is that guy, not a defender and is old. This playmaker needs to be strong minded, someone that can deal with Marbury. If we can find this type of playmaker, then I think we should trade Marbury.

Get rid of Steve Francis, Maurice Taylor, Jalen Rose. Actually it might be better to let their contracts expire this year to create some cap relief.
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