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Its ape like creatures like yourself that help prove the theory of evolution. Your moronic ramblings could not come from the mouth of an intelligent creature like a human. You are obviously some form of ape-man who only partially evovled.

While walking down your ever fruitful path of debunking the law of evolution, have you ever had the chance to take a stroll down grammar trail?

It's only unproven to those people who refuse to acknowledge quantifiable evidence.


Funny how the creationist who started the thread tries to tie in economic status and Darwins theory. Just like my buddy on the other thread he doesn't understand that these things aren't related.

People who are rich are more likely to use birth control than poor people. That is common knowlege. Mr Creationist tries to use the survival of poor people as an argument against evolution.

The sad part is that he really believes it.
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