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Default Re: Why didn't Duncan win gold in 2004?

Originally Posted by la bomba
well they will always have an excuse.I am hoping they lose this time and see what the excuses are.I think they are favourites but if they lose it would be interesting as for once they are saying they have a strong side.All the other teams with Wade,Anthony,Howard,Duncan,Allen etc that they sent were ****.

Did Anthony really play in 04. Remember Larry Brown benched him because he was a rookie. How much did Lebron play? Not much. That team also had guys like Iverson, Marbury, Marion, etc. You know as well as the rest of us it was a scrub team with a coach who didn't play guys just because of his own ego. Duncan had a crap team around him. That's why he lost. It's pretty simple. Again, he was pretty much the only big man.

Is this years team better. Of course, we all agree on this. Do they have weaknesses? Yes, we've all agreed on that. We know they didn't send enough big men. You know if they lose it will be because of their lack of size. It's not an excuse, it's a legitimate reason. Get over your US hating. If it wasn't for the USA you wouldn't even have a basketball team to argue about.
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