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I think the Knicks can win with Marbury, lets face he's basically unstoppable, he can get to the basket at will and he can pull it up.

I think Marbury should play off the ball, I think we would maximize his skills with him off the ball. He could then focus on being a floor general rather than the "point guard", I think he needs another teammate on his level that can match him as far as talent is concerned and is not afraid to stand up to Marbury.

Back when he took the Knicks to the playoffs, Marbury had a better team around him. A better defensive team and a more skilled team. I thought the team he can into with

Van Horn
K. Thomas

Off Bench

Had good Chemistry Yes we needed athleticism, youth and depth, but the chemistry was there. This team also understood the basic foundation of basketball. We would've added

David Lee
Possibly still Channing Frye

I think Isiah didnt see what he had before him
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