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Default Re: Lebron to go overseas?

Originally Posted by dd24
You're right about the weak dollar. That is the only thing that could make this a potential deal.

Here's one thing that most people don't take into consideration though. Lebron has all kinds of endorsement deals. He already probably makes close to 50 million per year. He isn't going to get those same deals somewhere else. I think when that is factored in, he has to stay here.
He could get other huge endorsements for being in europe too.Even if not as much when you add the salary and the fact that his team would pay the taxes,it might still be feaseable,though personally I don't think it will happen. We will keep signing unknown rubbish US players from the NBA.Like barca are reportedly going to sign Andre Barret from the Clippers,who the hell is this guy?played in 6 nba teams,about 2 minutes per game in each I guess.
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