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Default Loot's 6000 post thread.

I didn't realize I already passed the 6000. So at 6075 I'll be posting my third celebration thread. Did it at 1000, and now 6000. Next probably will be the 500 random things which have kept me watching the NBA year after year @ 7500. I did the 99 things and added #100 @ 1000 posts.

I add to these lists every week, when I remember stuff, stumble upon things or read/hear about them. Reading back I see things I already forgot on earlier lists. Maybe I repeated myself once or twice, but **** happens.

Well, here we go...

My 350 random things which have kept me watching the NBA year after year. Bad and good things.... 101-200

1-100 can be found here:
101. Rod Stickland never getting AS recognition. Not even when he led the league in AST.
102. ISH overrating of KJ. Who was actually good. But not THAT good.
103. Anthony Mason being the OG point forward.
104. Stackhouse looking like Kobe a few years ago.
105. Not understanding why Michael Smith (94 rookie with Sacramento) wasnt able to hang around.
106. Tyus Edney looking legit as a rookie.
107. Finally having some dominant PG's who dont HAVE to score again.
108. Wayman Tisdale.
109. The Suns with KJ, Kidd, Chapman and Nash on their team in 97-98.
110. Rex Chapman dunking like a madman.
111. Me getting him and Rex Walters (NJ) confused.
112. Hot Rod Williams and Hot Plate Williams.
114. The early 90's Suns and Sonics, both teams which I loved, not being able to get a decent C.
115. Bison Dele, Chris Jackson, Lew and Akeem.
116. Shammgod actually being known as God in the league.
117. Vernon Maxwell and Gay Payton getting Horace Grant and Chuck Person injured, because the last two tried to break them up in a fight.
118. Players who look like they never pickup up a ball. Like Scalabrine, Madsen and Carl Herrera.
119. I probably mentioned it before, but Perkins shooting 3pts without jumping.
120. Perkins with MJ on the cover of SI.
121. Chris Paul and Dwight Howard.
122. Josh Smith and Rudy Gay.
123. Mike Miller being the only player to be ROY and 6th Man of the year.
124. Uwe Blab.
125. Sam Cassel not being in the starting 5 with the Rockets because he had to piss just before tip off. Twice.
126. Nicolas Batum.
127. Mike Dunleavy's faces.
128. Chris Kaman's hair.
129. Bill Walker proving he'll a decent NBA player.
130. Maxiel, Millsapp, Hayes, Craig Smith.
131. Al Thornton, Livingston.
132. Still not knowing which player this is about:
She get dick from a player off the New York Knicks
***** tricked ridiculous, the **** was plush
She's stressin me to ****, like she was in a rush
We ****ed in his bed, quite dangerous
133. Bball's best Kept Secret.
134. Deshawn Stevenson & Gilbert Arenas being clowns.
135. Some team alway getting a lot of bandwagon fans during the post season. NO, GS, etc.
136. Some other team losing a lot of fans during the same period. Mavs for example.
137. Mark Macon's face.
138. Vincent Askew, Vin Baker, Vinny DelNegro.
139. Songalia's shouldershot.
140. Hinrich totally dissapearing.
141. Vonteego Cummings, named after two cars his father owned at the time of his birth: Volkswagen and a Ford Montego.
142. Nick Young.
143. Finding a Reggie Lewis jersey.
144. Hoping to get a Kevin Willis, Nique Clippers, Rod Strickland and light blue 90's Nets jersey.
145. Converse All Stars. In all kinds of shapes, materials and colours. I'm done with AF1's and Air Maxes. And I'm not buying deadstock Flights anymore. Last time I wore those the soles came off. Such a shame.
146. Alonzo getting his ring.
147. Alozno & LJ fight. And van Gundy.
148. Lionell Simmons being Garnett before Garnett. This guy was a freak.
149. Maurice Taylor looking legit in his first year. Then dissapearing.
150. Basketball by Kurtis Blow.
151. BJ Armstrong being one of the most overrated all stars ever. And I still like him.
152. Robert Horry - DNP.
153. Last season's totally crazy amount of injuries.
154. Players like Derek Fisher, Anthony Johnson and Aaron McKie hanging around for years.
155. Terry Cummings. And how underrated he's been.
156. Kurt Rambis, Kareem, Orlando Woolridge, Danny Schayes, Thurl Bailey, James Worthy.... Was Horace Grant the last one to wear goggles like that during games?
157. Joe Kleine being in the NBA for some reason.
158. Real play offs matchups. Knicks vs Pacers. Knicks vs Miami. Seattle vs Houston. Seattle vs Bulls. Bulls vs Pistons.
159. Was the Toine shimmy a 1 time thing? Or will something similar happen when people don't try to force the issue? Did it start here?
160. Can Walter Hermrmann please get more pt on some team? He's a player and he's got great style. Remind me of Dr J.
161. Shaq choking Eric Montross.
162. The Rockets Championship squad being incredibly good.
163. Pippen/Barkley hopping on the wagon and missing out. Just like Malone and Payton.
164. Jaric wearing his jersey backwards. Donyell forgetting his jersey.
165. David West being mentioned as a non deserving All Star.
166. David West beasting in the regular season after the All Star break. And during the playoffs.
167. Tyrone Hill being an All Star. And his Skybox Rookie Card:
168. Did any player ever enter the court drunk?
169. Marvin Barnes snorting cocaine on the bench during games. And returning to play in the same game in which he dislocated a kneecap.
170. Playing against Greg Anthony one on one for 3 points at a Nike or Adidas tournament in Rotterdam, back in 97 or something when he was with the Sonics.
171. Dennis Rodman being born on the same day as me.
172. Drew Gooden missing game because of infected hairfollies on his legs.
173. Marvin Barnes, again, getting the nickname Tire Iron after attacking a teammate with one during his college days.
174. Are the Warriors going to get better? I don't see Davis repearting last season.
175. On that note how underrated is Stephen?
176. Seeing the North Carolina squad live in Haarlem, Netherlands which featured Shammond Williams, Vince Carter, Antwan Jamison, Serge Zwikker.
177. Speaking of which: Serge Zwikker, Geert Hammink, Rik Smits, Hank Beenders, Sven Nater, Dan Gadzuric, Franisco Elson. With Elson actually being the first Dutch player in the NBA which I like.
178. The 94 rookie class. Glenn, Kidd, Hill and other very good players without two identical letters at the end of their name.
179. Players who didn't do as much as I thought they could've done: Augmon, Walt Williams, Owens to name a few from the mid-90's.
180. Dorell Wright becoming the next Darius Miles/Tim Thomas.
181. Francisco Garcia and Childress being able to break out a la Kevin Martin/Monta Ellis if they would get the chance and touches. Actually, IMO Garcia and Childress are both better on Defense.
182. Pietrus with the Heat. Brand too. Rookie, Wade, Pietrus, Brand. Elson at center would be nice. Is Pietrus a free agent? Ah way Marion will opt out.
183. TMacs second round experience.
184. Players I totally dislike: Marion, Reggie Miller, any Knicks player, Dunleavy, Bibby.
185. Me starting to appreciate Miller during his last season.
186. Mookie being such a inspiration for Pearl Jam.
187. Kids in the Hall dropping NBA reference like it's nothing.
188. Lupe Fiasco too.
189. Robert Horry looking about the same as he did in 92.
190. Michael Cage's hair. And how he never gets mentioned on ISH.
191. Waiting for the Suns nteam to get blown up. Nash & Amare & Shaq won't get them nowhere.
192. I miss the good old fights. Which is your favorite?
193. Upper Deck Collector's Choice cards with Golden Signatures. From the first series.
194. Adam Morrison breaking out. Right?
195. Who have been the biggest ******* in the NBA?
196. Did any player ever wear 66?
197. Dave Bing playing at such a high level while: almost getting blinded in one eye as a kid after falling on a nail. And returning to play after almost getting his retina detached during an nba game.
198. Charles Oakley punching then Clipper McInnis because of a personal dispute. And that being while Oakley was on the court holding a ball, and McInnis being in a courtside seat.
199. Rodman getting a six game suspension for headbutting a ref. How many games would it get you nowadays?
200. It's better than soccer.

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