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Default Re: Loot's 6000 post thread.

My 350 random things which have kept me watching the NBA year after year. Bad and good things.... 201-300

201. Aldrigde telling Ricky Davis he's a *****.
202. Chuck Hayes shooting FT's.
203. Desmond Mason shooting FT's.
204. Ben Wallace shooting FT's.
205. Lionel Simmons.
206. Mo williams missing a game due to pubic symphysitis. Look it up. And even funnier, find out how you can injure a pubic symphysis.
207. Chris Paul on DHoward.
208. Lakers actually agreeing wearing those short ass shorts in 2007-2008.
209. Kurt Thomas: "I'm the only stone cold mother****er in here. I'm the only one who wants the ball. I need to get more shots."
210. Cedric Ceballos' "Flow on". Actually that almost made me stop watching the NBA.
211. D.Armstrong's Dunk contest layup.
212. Songaila's shoulder shot.
213. Zo coming back.
214. Sean Elliot coming back.
215. Mark Davis flipping Shawn Bradley like a straw puppet.
216. Fransisco Elson's beef with Garnett after Garnett touched him in the nads.
217. Rudy Gay and Danny Granger ready to bust out.
218. Tarence Kinsey being cut, after showing he's a capable starter.
219. KBlaze videos.
220. Reggie Evans on his fight with Gasol: "He's instant offense, on both ends of the floor, I might add."
221. MTV Rock and Jock Basketball.
222. Olden Polynice getting arrested afterimpersonating a police officer.
223. Crackhead Richard Dumas. He would've been something else if he stayed clean.
224. Same goes for Roy Tarpley.
225. Darvin Ham's wife being arrested for domestic assault charge.
226. In HS, Lebron wore Nikes at the Adidas ABCD Camp and Adidas at the Nike All-American Camp.
227. Sheed getting his Championship Ring altered so it fits around his middlefinger.
228. Wade showing he's got range.
229. Moochie Norris on Seattle's injured list: Insomnia.
230. Vin Baker traded for Terell Brandon traded for Kemp. And Tyrone Hill who was thrown in, was the only player to stay healthy after that.
231. Pooh Richardson.
232. Qyntel Woods handing over his basketball card as identification, after being pulled over by Police Officers who smelled marijuana fumes coming from his car.
233. Ish having trouble writing Ben Gordon instead of Ben Gordan.
234. George McCloud missing a vital playoff game with the Pqacers in 1992 because he injured his ankle, because held his it in a "funny way" while talking on the phone.
235. Elliot not wanting his house in SA back after selling it to Rodman. He liked the house, but hey, it's Rodman we're talking about.
236. Danny Fortson.
237. Names like Szszcszscszcserbiak. Or Krtsstrstccccic.
238. Scott Pollard: "The Pistons, because when I was there they had that gay-ass horse on it." on which team had the best uniform redesign in years.
239. Wayman Tisdale. He was smooth.
240. BJ Tyler was selected by the Raptors in the expaqnsion draft. He actually retired shortly after: "Tyler accidentally fell asleep with a pack of ice on his knee, severely damaging it and thus losing all the speed for which he was famed, and subsequently had to retire."
241. Oliver Miller's mantits.
242. These rosters: Denver 97-97 (, Dallas 96-97 ( and NJ 96-97 ( Those years had some CRAZY trades.
243. Derrick Coleman being one talented mother****er.
244. The ability of some posters here to put themselves in a position to get riducled over and over. And over.
245. NBA players airballing FT's.
246. Chuck Connors being the first nba player to shatter the backboard. With a 20 ft jumpshot.
247. Me posting a celebration thread @ 6075 instead of 6000. I wasn't aware I already passed the 6000.
248. Barkley on Mobley: "He's instant offense, on both ends of the floor, I might add."
249. Marquis Daniel's tats.
250. Chris Kaman!
251. Michael Adams running & gunning.
252. Marko Jaric wearing his jersey backwards when enetering a game.
253. Eddie Griffin checking his on the bench. Just to be sure.
254. Charles Barkley taking a paycut with the Rockets so they could sign Pippen. Always the gentleman, Pippen thought the first round exit that season with the Rockets wasn't his own fault. According to Pippen, Barkley didn't show him the desire to win also adding Barkley had a "sorry fat butt."
255. Conrad McRae fainting just before his first game in a 10 day contract with the Nuggets. He wasn't accustomed to the thin air in Denver. Sad thing is, docters later discovered a hearthailment, and advised him not to play ball anymore. McRae later died during basketball practice in 2000. One of the saddest NBA stories the past decade imo.
256. Jaric hitting Lima.
257. Wanting Shaun Livingston to succeed.
258. Playing against Greg Anthony a few minutes at a Adidas (or was it Nike?) basketball tournament in Rotterdam.
259. Woody Allen on Manute Bol: “Manute Bol is so skinny they save money on road trips. They just fax him from city to city."
260. Waiting for Sean May to get healthy. Damnit.
261. Qrich, then a Sun, about roadkill during their latest roadtrip: We killed wolves, bucks, only thing we missed is a Grizzly."
262. Xavier on Pros vs. Joes.
263. Charles Barkley bearhugging KJ into a dislocated shoulder after a win in the 90's. KJ missed 2 weeks.
264. Marv Albert on the Hawks: "They have a great bunch of outside shooters. It's just too bad they play all of their games indoors."
265. Yinka Dare's mixes.
266. Scott Pollard after suffering a stomach strain, while not playing: "I'm 36. I could have waved the towel too aggressively for all I know."
267. Sam Cassel being underrated.
268. Van Exel knowing how to defend the Malone/Stockton pick n roll: Bring a bat to the game and kill one of them.
269. Tim Duncan being a very good swimmer, who could've become a professional. He quit swimming after the training zessions were relocated to the ocean instead of pools, since Tim's afraid of sharks.
270. Kwame Brown's daughter's name is Kwameeri. Rasheed's daughter is named Rashiyah.
271. Hoping the Sam Cassel / ET jokes stop. They're old.
272. Undrafted NBA starters.
273. Kwame Brown being scared MJ would kill him, after being pulled over for speeding.
274. Exprided Pineapples videos.
275. Michael Cage.
276. The great Shimmy fest.
277. Pervis Ellison. Olowokandi, Kwame. And Sam Bowie.
278. Gilbert Arenas: "When I was new in the NBA the team veterans convinced me to shave, you know, down there, because they said the hair stinks. I used my girlfriend's razor, which was rusty and gave me keloids. The doctor prescribed medicine to dab on, but I just poured it all over. Three days later I woke up screaming. The skin was burnt off my scrotum, down to my crack, everything -- just raw flesh. I still had to run and play, so I used a numbing spray for a month until it healed. Now I use clippers."
279. Bitter Dallas fans.
280. Sonics coach Bob Hill banning players from talking to each other during practice.
281. Keon Clarke don't giving a ****.
282. Darius Miles being whistled for a defensive 3 second violation, while stopping to tie his shorts while standing under the basket.
283. Lionel Simmons injured. Nothing serious: DNP-tendonitis in wrists from overexposure to Game Boy.
284. One year later: Derrick McKey DNP-tendonitis in wrists from overexposure to Game Boy.
285. Reggie Evans checking in late during the second half of a game. He had to take an urine test at half time but couldnt produce.
286. Coleman injuring his knee during the shooting of a rebounding match against a 'Joe' on the TV show Pros vs. Joes.
287. Kedrick Perkins missing time due to an injury last year: "I was asleep. I guess whoever put my bed together didn't put it together right when I moved, so one side of my bed fell. My bed was tilted, so I got out of my bed to go push down on the other side. And when I was about getting ready to push down on the other side, the headboard started coming in. So I tried to push the headboard back so it wouldn't fall over. My foot was under the bed and the other side of the bed fell on my foot."
288. Marquis Daniels looking like a future all star. Then dissapearing.
289. Manute Bol and Muggsy Bogues playing together.
290. The face of that Dallas fan in the crowd when GS wiped them out of the first round.
291. Mark Cuban on Finley for Ming trade rumors: "I don't even think Yao Ming is worth a top-10 pick."
292. Indiana trading pg Don Buse to the Blazers. Not for another player, but for the Blazers' Marketings Manager Jon Spoelstra's services as a Management Consultant. For one week in 1983.
293. Xavier McDaniels choking other players.
294. Nowitzki doing it himself.
295. Pierce coming back after being stabbed 11 times. And winning MVP about ten years after that.
296. Dumb ish members making dumb aliasses, then getting exposed.
297. Kermit Washington's Project Contact Africa.
298. Rick Adelman on Reggie Evans' flopping: "This guy is taking it to a whole new level. He goes down when the air conditioning comes on."
299. Kurt Rambis' looks.
300. Rip Hamilton's nickname coming from this: "Hamilton inherited his nickname from his father, who used to rip his diapers as a baby." Too good to be true.

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