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Default Re: Loot's 6000 post thread.

hm now that you mention it, looks like it was 3000 back then.


here's My 350 random things which have kept me watching the NBA year after year. Bad and good things.... 301-350:

301. Calvin Booth and Keith Closs. Shawn Bradley and George Mhuresan.
302. Putting the TV on mute because every announcer is ****ing irritating. Especially in the Netherlands, where they can't pronounce any name.
303. Andrew Bynum adressing the media after a game with his mouthpiece still in.
304. The Clippers looking like a pretty good team and making some big moves. I don't know if I'm still a fan.
305. Tim Thomas who can't feel his face.
306. Bison Dele walking away from quite some money.
307. 2001: John Starks missing a game because of a twisted testicle. Yes I know it hurts. Testicular torsion they called it.
308. Julius Hodge sleeping on Denver's gym floor the night before training camp started.
309. Jason Williams got a tattoo in Japanese signs, saying "**** you".
310. Donyell Marshall after buying his number 42 from teammate Mengke Bateer: "Those Europeans, they know how to negotiate." Bateer is Mongolian.
311. Hoping Derrick Rrose would wear #5 with the Bulls so I could sell my authentic Jalen Rose jersey on ebay.
312. Sheed, after being pulled over by police and asked if there was any weed in his car: "No, we smoked it all up."
313. Bimbo Coles. Always wondered why you would go by that nickname, untill I found out his real name: Vernell Eufaye.
314. Stephen Jackson.
315. The fact that I didn't know this: "Sean Elliot and Alonzo Mourning both lost kidneys to the same anti-inflamatories that killed boston celtic Reggie Lewis."
316. Mamhoud Abdul-Rauf's antics.
317. George Karl after his bucks lost a game: "I'm not criticizing the referees at all, but it was a poorly officiated game."
318. Sam Cassel's huge bullocks walk.
319. Finley on losing Wang Zhizhi: "It would be good to have him, but we're not going to miss him. We'll find the two or three points from somewhere else."
320. NBA Thugs. They've got nothing on Sly Williams.
321. Ish members trying to piss me off by dissing the Clippers. Doesn't work, for as long as I've been a fan, they've sucked.
322. Dajuan Wagner coming back after having a part of his colon removed. He had injury upon injury before doctors discovered he suffered from colitis. He could've been one of the better scorers in the league imo. Arenas before Arenas?
323. Dirk Nowitzki injuring his ankle -and missing the game- after putting his shoe on improperly, and stomping his foot on the sloor to get it on right.
324. Artest and Brand getting into a fistfight as teammates during AAU squad warm ups.
325. Kevin Willis beating Charles Oakley on that made-for-TV weightlifting competition
326. This: "Chris Paul was reprimanded with a paddle that had “Board of Corrections” written on one side and “Victim Sign Here” on the other" WTF?
327. Maggette being upset with a call during a game, and slamming the scorers table. He dislocated the ring and little fingers on his right hand and ended up with a cast and a four-week vacation.
328. Laettner, when news broke about him and Stackhouse allegedly fighting on the team plane: "It wasn't a fight. He punched me one time, that's all. I don't fight at 30,000 feet. I have an education."
329. Laker fans hailing every signee and draft pick as the next all star. Clockwork.
330. Larry Hughes wanting to have a tat with all six verses of Psalm 23 across his torso from neck to navel. Instead the guy who did his ink gave him a "Though I Walk Through The Valley of The Shadow of Death, I Shall Fear No Man." on his left arm.
331. Dallas fans still crying over their lost finals against the Heat. Take it to the rim and you'll get calls.
332. Shaq thinking he's superman, although he broke both his wrists while impersonating Spiderman as a kid. So Superman can't shoot free throws because he failed at being Spiderman.
333. Szszcerbiak getting chased by a female admirer. Probably the best (wo)man to man defense he saw that game.
334. The strange stories of Tony Harris, John Brisker and Bison Dele.
335. Joey Crawford's antics.
336. Sheed's one day stint with the Hawks.
337. Waiting for Adam Morrison to start looking like anything resembling an NBA player.
338. Michael Redd and Dwyane Wade buying churches for their father and mother.
339. Jarron Collins missed the start of training camp in Utah while suffering from "severe sunburn."
340. Yinka Dare.
341. Vince Carter paying for his own life sized bronse statue at his former high school.
342. Ira Newble spending 8 days in hospital due to an ingrown nosehair. I love these type of DNP's and injuries.
343. Mike Sweetney's mantits.
344. Bill Russel vomiting before EVERY game.
345. "AI offense" Get the ball to AI and clear out. - Kevin Ollie.
346. Wesley Person and Michael Finley. Nice draft picks, Phoenix.
347. Isaac Austin's monster contract.
348. Kemp in Cleveland leading a squad with Big Z, Knight, Derek Anderson, Wesley Person and Cedric Henderson to the playoffs. Talk about lacking a supporting cast?
349. Those horrible Pacers, Raptors, Grizzlies, Rockets, Pistons and Sonics jerseys somewhere late in the '90.s
350. My celebration threads always flunking.

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