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Default Re: Old Euro Game... Drazen VS Sabonis

yeah, two the most talented and greatest europeans of all's hard to compare them, since both play completely different positions, but their influence on european scene is undeniable...the only real flaw of Sabonis was his work ethic and difficult personality, sometimes he was a real hot shot and could do some stupid things like starting the fights and arguing with referrees...and that horrible achilleas injury he had also was completely avoidable and unnecessary though, back in the 80's european basketball was still very much on amateur level, players were constantly parting and drinking (Sabonis was no exception)...other than that and political issues aside, he was on Hakeem's level talent wise, head to head he was dominating Robinson whenever they met in international competition, you could just argue how many titles Portland would have with him in prime plus Drexler...Jordan would be worrying, that's for sure
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