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Default Re: Do you think the Beijing Olympics will be Rigged?

Originally Posted by la bomba
China will get beaten by Lithuania.I'll be suprised if they get to the semis.having said that they have played better than i thought was to their coach,ironically a Lithuanian.
I hope you are right, one thing I hope for is that Jonas Kazlauskas isn't a second version of Guus Hidink, where he guided russia past Holland into the Euro football semis, therefore he's considered a traitor in the Netherlands. This is the same exact set up, quarterfinals, a coach facing his home nation, it better not end the same way, but just like Holland is much stronger than russia at any time, Lithuania is stronger than China. However, looking at results, it doesn't work. But we did beat China in the last Olympics at this same exact stage. Ironically, Argentina and Greece are facing each other again on the other side of the bracket. Only Australia and Croatia are the 2 new teams to make it to the next round in these Olympics. Hopefully, we'll see a bit of a different ending, with Lithuania looking like it has a easier path than ever to the finals. Our side of the bracket is much weaker than USA's, but I don't expect to see another blowout, not even from USA. Unfortunately, they played Australia already, so they know what they are in for, but USA didn't meet Bogut yet, everyone will have difficulties guarding him. Patrick Mills and CJ Bruton don't look to be as dominant though, I see Aussie veterans like Nielsen and Andersen stepping up, in other words, I can't wait to see these games, unfortunately all are at night here, starting at 2:30 going until around noon, when the last game should be over by. What do you people predict? I see, in order of appearance: Spain beats Croatia, not by more than 10 points, Lithuania beats China, not too comfortable, around 10-15 points, USA beats Australia, around 15 points after a long game, and Argentina barely beats Greece, 1-3 points.
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