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Default Re: Roko Ukic leading the Croatian national team.

Originally Posted by Phenith
This guy might be the only hope of the Raps redeeming that draft class, Charlie V, Graham and Ukic, the last pick might be the best of them all. I can remember yelling at the TV when they didn't take Granger with the 7th pick and when he was still around at 16th I almost sh*t myself when they didn't take him. In my mock we took Granger at 7 and Ukic at 15, i'm glad Ukic dropped down to 41 for us because he was WAY overlooked. I can't believe guys like Nate, Diener and Jack got taken over him.
It's sick how many Raptors fans on here (myself included) wanted Granger with that #7 pick and the Raptors passed on him twice.

Ah well.
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