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Default Favorite Franchise Fantasy League

Favorite Franchise Fantasy League

I've played in a favorite franchise fantasy baseball league and it has been very good so I thought I'd copy the format to basketball.

It's at called Favorite Franchise League 1 and the twist is that you pick one real NBA team but the only players that you can have are ones that have played at least one game for your franchise.

I'll pick Houston for example. In the draft, there would be no need for you to draft Ming as he has only played for Houston. You could pick him up as a free agent after the draft. You could save your first choice for McGrady who can also be drafted by Toronto and Orlando.

During the season, you could trade for a player who has never played for your franchise as long as you don't play them and then trade them to another team within three days. If you haven't traded the player after three days, you must drop them.

Houston could draft Battier since he is on the roster. If, for some reason, he never plays a game for them (injury, trade) then he would be ineligible to play for you.

It makes things very interesting.

This will be a keeper league and the rest of the league rules will be pretty standard. Single list and head to head.

It's a private league at Password is nba.

To start us off, I'll choose Toronto even though I'd be willing to change if someone really, really wanted Toronto.

International Ballers League

I've also created an International Ballers Keeper League. I'm Canadian but have lived overseas for going on 7 years now. This league has players from all around the world. If you want to join, do a search at with Private, Single-List, Head to Head. It's the third league from the top.

We have an east-west division depending upon where you are on the planet.

Remember, even if you live in the US or Canada, you are international to someone else.
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