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Default WWE Unforgiven Results Report (9/17/06) - Toronto, Ontario Part 3 of 4

WWE Women's Champion Lita vs. Trish Stratus.

Lita came out first, and the fans were chanting "Thank You Trish" already. Big pop for Trish's entrance. Jim Ross claimed that Trish and the Fabulous Moolah are tied with six title reigns each, and Trish could make it seven with a win tonight. They locked up, with Trish backing Lita into the ropes and breaking clean. Lita shoved Trish a few times, but ran into a Trish clothesline for a two count. Trish did a handstand into a spinning headscissors. Lita went to the floor, and Trish hit a Thesz Press off the ring apron. They fought on the floor, and Trish gave Lita a handstand into a rana on the outside.

Back in the ring, Trish pounded Lita near the bottom rope. Lita kicked Trish, then rammed her face first to the mat repeatedly. Lita choked her on the bottom rope, then snapmared her and applied a sleeper. Trish fought up, hitting elbows, but Lita yanked her to the mat by the hair. Lita rammed Trish head first into the turnbuckles, then kicked her repeatedly in the gut. Trish reversed positions and choked her with her boot. Trish chopped Lita against the ropes, licking her hands before the last one. Trish hit a Stinger Splash, but ran into an elbow. Lita got on the ropes, and Trish went for the handstand rana, but Lita grabbed her and pulled her onto the ropes with her. They slugged it out on the top rope, and both of them tumbled to the floor.

Lita went to the ropes and again, but Trish met her there and they slugged it out again. Lita ended up pulled Trish off the top rope and throwing her into the ring while standing on the ring apron. Lita went for a moonsault, but Trish moved and Lita crashed to the mat. Trish scored a two count. Trish went for Stratusfaction, but Lita dumped her over the top rope and to the floor. Lita tossed Trish back into the ring and scored a two count. Lita, frustrated, hit Trish with a series of shots on the mat, then started kicking her. Lita hit a knee to the gut and knocked Trish to the mat.

Lita suplexed Trish to the mat for a two count, then kicked her in the gut. Lita drove some knees into Trish's back, then trash talked her while slapping her in the face. Trish fired back with shots to the face, but Lita hit a side Russian legsweep and delivered a series of rights. Lita rammed Trish to the mat, then applied a sleeper again. Trish fought up and hit a neckbreaker. Both were slow to get up, and then they began exchanging punches. Trish ran into a Lita elbow, but caught her with the handstand rana out of the corner. Trish measured Lita and hit the Chick Kick, but Lita kicked out at two.

Lita raked Trish's eyes and went for the Twist Of Fate, but Trish reversed it and went for the Stratusfaction. Trish shifted mid-move and turned it into a sunset flip. Lita dropped down on it and went for the ropes, but Trish used her legs to hook Lita down. Trish rolled completely through the move instead of pinning Lita, and ended up on her feet holding Lita's legs. Trish applied the Sharpshooter, to the loudest pop of the night so far. Lita struggled, but tapped out at the twelve minute mark.

Winner and new Women's Champion: Trish Stratus.

Trish stood in all four corners, then bowed in the center of the ring. She pointed at Lilian Garcia, who pointed back at her, tears in her eyes. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler stood up and applauded her. Trish was still celebrating as they went to a commercial for Smackdown.

Todd Grisham interviewed Randy Orton backstage. Orton said no one cares about Trish's retirement, unless you're Canadian, which means you have no life. Orton said Trish was the past, he was the future. Orton noted that two years ago he won the World Title here in Toronto. Orton said that Trish is "a *****", and tonight he would "make Carlito his".

Randy Orton vs. Carlito.

There were a group of fans at ringside with wigs and shirts, dressed like Carlito. Carlito looked angry with Orton as he came to the ring. Orton smirked at him as he entered.

They locked up, with Orton backing Carlito into the ropes twice and breaking clean. Orton yelled at Carlito to "come on" and Carlito spat in his face. Carlito grabbed a double leg takedown and hit some punches. Orton went to the floor to regroup. Carlito backflipped over Orton when he got back in and hit a dropkick. Carlito mocked Orton's pose. Orton poked Carlito in the eyes, then hit some punches on the mat and in a corner. Orton went for a slam, but Carlito floated over and slammed Orton, then hit a senton off the middle rope and rolled right into a Quebrada moonsault for a two count. Orton was bleeding from the mouth, as Carlito apparently landed on his face on the moonsault. Orton backdropped Carlito to the ring apron, then dropkicked him off the apron and to the floor, right into the security wall. Orton rolled Carlito into the ring for a pair of two counts.

Orton stomped Carlito's legs and body. Orton delivered a kneedrop for two, then applied a rear chinlock. They showed a replay that Carlito caught Orton in the mouth with an elbow as he had hit the moonsault earlier. Carlito fought up and hit a kneedrop, but Orton came back with a bodyslam for a two count. Orton applied a rear chinlock again, but Carlito fought up and they traded punches. Carlito flipped over a suplex attempt and hit a slingshot back elbow off the ropes. Carlito hit a kneelift and a pair of lariats for a two count. Carlito chopped Orton in a corner, but Orton caught him with a boot to the face. Carlito grabbed Orton with a modified Exploder suplex, but Orton came back with his side backbreaker.

Orton measured Carlito for the RKO, but Carlito blocked it and hit a backcracker. Orton slumped against the ropes. Carlito went for a neckbreaker, but Orton blocked it. Carlito kicked Orton from the corner, then went for a springboard, but ended up launching himself right into an RKO for the clean pin at the nine minute mark.

Winner: Randy Orton.
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