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Originally Posted by Unimane
Good post, although I disagree with the one main point above. This tournament pretty much validated the idea that the NBA is clearly the best. Which teams had the most NBA players? USA, Spain and Argentina-the three medalists. And the only team able to give Team USA a game was the only other team that can play a bunch of NBA players.

Still, fantastic game, though. I didn't think it would be nearly as close as it was, but Spain played exceptional today. If Rubio can develop a jump shot, he will be an NBA All-Star (I'm still not sold on Marc Gasol, though.).
Greece dont have a single NBA player and I really believe they could have given the US a tough game too.Forget the group game,look at spain in the group stages compared to the final.Plus I wasn't speaking about the NBA V the rest but the USA v the rest regardless of where they play.
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