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Default Re: Kevin Duckworth Dies at 44

Nice pic's Chalkmaze -

Duckworth was like so few big men in the NBA -
Wes Unseld , Bob Lanier , Willis Reed prototypes.
They had to get up and down the floor with the quicker leaner bigs, and then challenge hook shots and jumpers , besides put backs.
Duckworth had a real smooth looking jumper and as the photo showed and he showed Kareem he had a hook also.
(It still amazes me how no one really has that type of hook shot anymore)
AS stated before , Duckworth had weight issues while playing , and obviously he didn't control it after retirement.
Quite a shock - RIP
Thanks for the memories big guy !!

Small note - Few could challenge Kareem's hook shot , but see the perfect position Kareem has defending in that pic. Those hook shots were seldom if ever blocked and I would like to think that pic captured Duck making it.

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