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Default Re: Jose Calderon thinks refs are a part of the reason why Spain lost

Originally Posted by b4ball
I'm a fan of Calderon, but Bull Crap. The Spanish team got beat and the took the loss terribly, whinning at every opportunity. At one point one of them throws a towel on the court while the game was on.

If the officiating had been better, the Spanish team would have recieved several technicals for their antics. Mark Gasol's elbow to Anthony would and should have been a flagrant in my opinion.

The Americans won becuase they had the better team, better players and they beat the Spanish team twice.

Jose, take the loss for what it was, and shut up.

I woudln't say USA was the better team that game. I thought they would of lost had a few calls have gone to spains' way!
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