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Originally Posted by PFunk
From what it looks like I think Sene looks like a Diop which wouldn't be a bad thing. He's a defensive force. If the Sonics keep him around long enough and DON'T overpay for him, the could be a solid starter next to Wilcox for years. I'm also leaning toward Seattle keeping Johan Petro over Robert Swift. The Sonics should try Ray Allen, Sene, Petro, Wilcox, Collison, and Ridnour around, and see what they can get for Lewis along with Fortson/Wilkins/Watson... how about...

Rashard Lewis (f)
Johan Petro (c)
Luke Ridnour (g)
Nick Collison (f)
Robert Swift (c)
first round pick

to Dallas for..

Erick Dampier (c)
Josh Howard (g/f)
Ndudi Ebi (f)
Devin Harris (g)
cash considerations

Sonics would look like...

C - Eric Dampier, Saer Sene
Pf - Chris Wilcox, Danny Fortson, Ndudi Ebi
Sf - Josh Howard, Mickael Gelabale, Noel Felix
Sg - Ray Allen, Damien Wilkins
Pg - Devin Harris, Earl Watson

Dallas would have...

C - DeSagana Diop, Johan Petro, Robert Swift, (DJ Mbenga)
Pf - Dirk Nowitzki, Nick Collison, Austin Croshere
Sf - Rashard Lewis, Devean George, Maruice Ager
Sg - Greg Buckner, Jerry Stackhouse
Pg - Jason Terry, Anthony Johnson

Dumbest trade idea ave seen, i dont think Sonics gm is dumb enough to do that deal. Lets remember Sonics dont have Isiah Thomas or Babcock for a gm soo a rape like that wont happen.

I saw Sene in the Summer and this guy is going to be a big time player in this league. The guy blocked everuthing that came his way and very atheletic and he is decent on offense. Sene will be a defensive force.
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