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Default Re: Jose Calderon thinks refs are a part of the reason why Spain lost

Do you know that the "Dream Team" (Barcelona, 1992) didn't do the dope test as a condition to participate?
Have you seen how the body of European players change while they are playing in the NBA? How their muscles grow?
Now you know how you get those "supermen" (Dwight, Lebron...)

The referees are really good. They officiate matches of the European league, and they know perfectly the rules. They should have called travelling every time CP took the ball (and the same for the rest of USA players, that is why they threw the towel). They knew that the interior defence USA did was not allowed under FIBA rules (that is why Marc Gasol was angry), etc. But NBA stars don't play if they don't get an special treatment.

If we talk about talent and team play, Spain is better than USA right now. USA is just a band of drugged gorillas.

BTW, NBA rules sucks. That is a show, not a sport. "Who deny this does not know of basketball...." But NBA has the best players in the world, that is why I love that game hehe.
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