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Originally Posted by Dr.Funk
In his rookie season he pretty much cam out of nowhere and became an instant fan favourite with his hustle and deadly shot. And fans begged that he be re-signed. This past season he tried to add some new elements to his game, was played in some very unfavourable situation, like starting at center. His shot was streaky but he played every possession hard and to the best of his ability but yet he got shit on at every oppertunity. Now this offseason people are demanding that he be traded.

I think raps fans just want a winner. As a rap fan myself, I can't stand to hear about guys hussle and about some freakin' talent! Guys like Sow because of his hussle. All I care about is wins. Bonner is ok, maybe a 9th man and a solid shooter but not much else. I could bust by balls on the court and I think some raps fans would love me. Does that mean I should be on the team?! No. I think it's time we got a mindset of a winning culture. Not happy with effort only.
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