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Default According to ESPN experts, JO voted worst newcomer.

2008-09 Predictions: Worst Newcomer

Baron Davis

Los Angeles Clippers 3

Jermaine O'Neal Toronto Raptors 3

Ron Artest Houston Rockets 2

Kwame Brown Detroit Pistons 2

2T Yi Jianlian New Jersey Nets 2

2T Corey Maggette Golden State Warriors 2

Here's the formula for inviting skepticism from our panel: Miss a lot of games with injury over the years, and compound that with questionable team spirit.

That's the equation that put Baron Davis and Jermaine O'Neal at the head of the pack for the player likely to have the greatest negative impact on his new team. Obviously, the Clippers and Raptors don't want to believe that, as they owe BD and JO a combined $109 million over the next few years.

Davis and O'Neal were hardly alone, with a whopping 16 players meriting mention as the potential "Worst Newcomer." Next in line were Ron Artest, who's worn out a few welcomes; Kwame Brown, looking for redemption with his fourth team; Yi Jianlian, coming off an underwhelming rookie season and weak Olympic tournament; and Corey Maggette, who is expected to bring the Warriors scoring but not much else.

Also receiving one vote each: Michael Beasley, Larry Brown, Marcus Camby, Ricky Davis, Danilo Gallinari, T.J. Ford, Stephon Marbury, Darius Miles, Derrick Rose and Mo Williams.
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