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Default Re: Would you do a Manu Ginobli for Joe Johnson deal?

Originally Posted by miles berg
JJ is a really good defender, really good passer, great scorer, really good shooter, decent rebounder, pretty good ballhandler (esp for his size), he has all the tools to be a superstar in this league and is damn close.

I love Manu but there isnt a Tim Duncan in Atlanta. I can only imagine how well Joe Johnson would play next to Duncan.

Spurs yes, Hawks no on this trade.

I basically disagree with every-thing this guy said.
He had a good series against Boston, and the hype was blown out of proportion. He didn't have a legendary performance as people were making it out to be, it's like they were pushing him to be this unsung hero because they failed to realize Atlanta's athleticism were giving Boston fits.

That was the reason Boston had problems on the road, of course against a great team like Boston you need a guy who can make shots down the stretch, and Johnson did that in a couple of games but he was way to inconsistent in that series for my taste. Getting into early foul trouble, and was invisible on the road.

He scored 20 PPG on 41% against Boston, hardly great.
The reason I'd take Manu over Johnson is because he is a much better defender, and you can argue he was SA's best player this past season. That ankle injury limited him in the play-offs.

I wouldn't trade Johnson for Manu though if I was Atlanta, because of the age difference. I believe Johnson is 4 years younger.
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