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Default Re: Would you do a Manu Ginobli for Joe Johnson deal?

Originally Posted by Anti404
Are you even sure that, if you were to plug Manu into JJ's role, he would be able to fill it?
Look, I know Manu is creative on offense and a decent defender with a penchant for drawing charges, but he's never played more than thirty-one minutes per game, and he's never played more than seventy-five games in a season.
So what happens if he starts averaging around JJ's forty minutes per game? Does he star playing sixty-five games per year? Less?

Using his low shooting percentage against the Celtics is a flawed argument. How did Kobe and LeBron shoot against them? And Kobe has a much better supporting cast.

Neither Kobe or LeBron were getting hyped up for their performance the way Joe Johnson did against Boston while really having similar scoring output as those two did.

Manu has always been a team player, he does what is asked of him. I don't see a difference in his game, whether he comes off the bench or plays starter minutes. I don't thing he'd have a problem filling in JJ's role in Atlanta. Maybe he doesn't play 40+ minutes because he is a bit older then Joe, but I don't see why he couldn't play say 37 MPG.

I'm not sure why you're questioning Manu's ability to carry a team that barely made the playoffs in the eastern conference, when he arguably was the defending champions best player this past year.
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