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Default Re: Would you do a Manu Ginobli for Joe Johnson deal?

Originally Posted by óross√er
Just food for thought.
Say, Duncan was injured this past season and SA lost to the Lakers in 5 games, how many people would be belittling Parker/Manu's importance to the team and trying to signify Duncan's presence?

I think the same theory applies to Ginobilli (not to Duncan's extent), SA lost to LA mainly because Manu was not healthy. If he was, I'm positive the series would have been extended to at least 6 games.
Spurs are on of my favorite teams, and I agree with that if Emanuel would've been healthy, the series would have been extended to six games or even a victory for the Spurs.
However, I would much rather have JJ on the Spurs. He can do everything that Ginobili is capable of doing, but he can play for a whole season and play around forty minutes per night. JJ's overall game is similar to Manu's, but he's never really been on a superb team as the #1 or #2 option(he was, what, the fourth option on the Suns?). I think if you placed him with TD, it would create a lot more open looks from beyond the arc, thus increasing his percentage back up to his staggering 47% or so that he had when he played with Amare down low.
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