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Default Re: According to ESPN experts, JO voted worst newcomer.

Originally Posted by Zan Tabak
Agreed!..JO conducted himself better then anyone could ask. He is also a lot better spoken then I thought he was. So I don't see him causing any trouble for our team.

The only Neg impact I can see him having is being injured (lets keep our fingers crossed)

I also agree with the above sentiments.

JO has been hungry for a diferent atmosphere for a long time now. He's working harder then he has in a long time, came over and said all the right things, did all the right things. This is a new beginning for a player that deserves our respect, a former all star that played for a team that had so much promise, yet collapsed so quickly. JO will thrive in this enviroment. I don't see trouble ahead, I see promise.

Having said all that what brought this post on was a very limited scope by which to come up with a consensus. So that being the case this JO fit's the scrip. But I don't think there are many "profesional" basketball columnist that think JO's move to Toronto is a bad thing for either the team or himself.
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