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Default fantasy sports tools - any suggestions?

hey all, some friends and i have put together a bunch of tools for fantasy basketball (we're rolling out to the other major pro sports soon). i want to ask all you fantasy sports experts out there: what kind of tools would you want to have a competitive edge over your competitors? what would you need to put you over the top?

tell me how we can help you win. :)

check out what we have so far on it's super easy to register and best of all, it's FREE!

a few of the tools we have thus far (just in time for the upcoming season!):
  • 2005 NBA Players Stats complete with multiple ranking systems, trends charts tracking over their entire career and comparison graphs against other players in their position
  • Draft List Creator Tool you can maintain multiple draft lists of players by using our drag and drop tool.
  • Custom User Rankings create your own ranking system by "weighing" certain categories' importance over another so that it'll be specific to your fantasy league.
  • Draft Tracker Tool a tool you can use while your live draft is happening so that you can track your team's stats against all the other teams in your fantasy league as you pick each player.

i could write pages and pages about the tools, but it won't do any good unless you try it out yourselves. this ain't automated spam... i'm just spreading the word to all the other fantasy ballers out there... feel free to tell your friends about it.

and no.. there is NO catch.. it really is FREE.
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