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Originally Posted by adamcz
Check rotoguru for an example of what you can do.

thanks for the suggestion adamcz! hmmm... it looks like rotoguru is more of a strategy site and not one that helps with analyzing player statistics:

What you will not find at this site:

In general, this site is devoted to the quantitative or technical aspects of fantasy sports strategy. It will not help you assess player talent. That is your job as a fantasy sports manager.

our goal with is to create a suite of tools that will allow its users to analyze player stats any way they want.

for example, if you're in a rotisserie league, and you're behind on rebounds and assists but you can afford to give up a little on points, you can fudge with the sorting model to rank the players who are strongest in rebounds and assists and not as great at scoring points.

another great option is in the draft tool where it will calculate on the fly which categories you are strong in and which ones you're weak so when it's your turn to draft again, you can make an informed decision.
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