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Originally Posted by SRZ66
i liked your site, the rankings are a little tweaked though.... ray allen #3? chris bosh in the 60's or whatever he was.... im pretty sure those need to be fixed as well as several others

*edit* i see that is a list comprised of other users rankings....?

These rankings are all based on the 2005 season and derived using pure mathematical statistical models. Taking a quick peek, Bosh only played 70 games last season so based purely on numbers he may not have had as strong of a statistical performance as someone who isn't as good of a player but played more games.

Our FMB ranking is based on an average of 3 statistical models: Average Deviation, Maximum Percentile, and Summation. Go to the "Players" link under the "Basketball" tab. There's a little description on top of each table. You can also see how a player ranked in each model.

There is also the Moneyboard Rankings (which you referred to in your edit) that you see on the user homepage (after you log in). This is based on an average of all the draft lists created by users of FMB. So the more people who join and use FMB to create their draft lists, the more accurate the Moneyboard Ranking will be. This ranking is based purely on the users and has no mathematical basis.
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