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Default Re: eurobasket2009 qualifiers

In the end its experience and israel has more of it at this level.To say that GB is a big deal in Division A after losing by 10 points in a qualifier is a bit rich and the usual arrogance that we so much get from our friends on the other side of the pond!Lets go bit by bit,step by step,yes GB has done real well in a tough environment,get used to those calls in Tel Aviv,Athens etc its normal,and this is no crticism to the refereeing.As for the 10,000 in the O2,please let me know the figures because for me that would be the biggest shock!GB depend to much on Deng,that is worrying.
Bjerk I agree with you Sherf is a drunk,he doesn't know how to make the most of casspi or Limonad,even Eliyahu in the past he has left to rot in the bench.Is it the top two that go through?
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