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Default Re: eurobasket2009 qualifiers

Originally Posted by la bomba
Euroleague final four in 2006 Prague.
Euroleague final four in 2009 Berlin.
They speak of London for 2010 or 2011!!!!
Why? none of these cities ,especially London are basketball cities.I was in Prague in 2006 and most of the locals didn't even have a clue that it was happening. When are we going to see the final four in basketball crazy countries like Serbia. Belgrade would be great.they have the venue for it.I don't know if Lithuania do,I suppose they will as they are hosting the eurobasket in 2011.I go to all the final fours and its really disappointing when they announce venues like Berlin and London.Prague was ok cause I love the city and the beer is cheap. Totally different atmosphere in Madrid and Athens.

I totally agree on that...

BTW Serbia - Italy 72-52
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