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Default Re: Dantley will have his day, number retired

Originally Posted by Xiao Yao You
He and Dantley were the highest scoring duo in the league I believe at one point. One of the top shooting guards in the league. He was on the verge of being an all-star himself before he got benched because he wanted to be paid fairly. 20 point scorer. Great athlete. Revolutionized the 3 point shot at the time. He was a clutch shooter too.

We could talk about how Bobby Hansen should have been sitting the bench behind Griffith and Curry instead of getting burned by Magic Johnson.

Yeah, but I tend to remember post injury Dr. Dunkenstein, more than the highly athletic, high scoring, Darrell. I just remember the old Darrell much better. He was quite the scoring threat early in his career, but had to change his game after he got injured, becoming more of a set shooter who could be a little athletic at times. His FG% dipped later in his career, as he had to rely on his shot more, though it was still respectable. Good player, had some good years. Did indeed revolutionize the 3 point shot, and often hit the big shots. I guess I don't bring him up much because during his last years, I remember thinking the Jazz needed a better player at his position and I wanted someone new. But he was indeed one of my favorites when I was really young (elementary school).

Bobby was nothing more than a no frills blue-collar worker who had no business playing against someone like Magic Johnson, but he did as well as can be expected for someone that outmatched. Not sure how undersized Curry and Griffith would have done against Magic, probably not much better, even though they were much more talented players. Hindsight being 20/20, they certainly deserved a shot at it.

I just tended to like A.D. and Rickey the best, by far. Eaton, Bailey, Griffith, Hansen... etc... just never stood out as much, though just as much a part of the team. Guess we all have our favorites, and Darrell deserves his props, I'm not best suited to lead that fan club though. It would be cool if you started a thread for Darrell though, I was really young during his best years and have forgotten a lot.
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