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Default Re: Does our team look like championship contendors?

Far from being contenders, but headed in the right direction. I obviously fully beleive the Raptors will be a playoff team, and could even win a first round matchup, but let's be honest, against teams like Boston, San Antonio, Los Angeles, and even teams like Pheonix, Dallas, Detroit, New Orleans, we are simply outclassed.

What this team needs is a solid scoring option on the wing (not necessarily an All-Star, but someone who can be counted on for 14-16ppg while deferring to Bosh, and maybe JO) a legitimate backup for Jose Calderon (Ukic may surprise), and a big man off the bench who can play heavy minutes in case of injury/foul trouble to Bosh and JO.

Seems like a lot to ask for, I know, but the contenders have it, and we simply do not.
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