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Default Re: guys what is the point of the WNBA?

Originally Posted by mark
I would watch if they all didn't look like Bohemian Mammoths.
I would say that they need to wear less for me to watch, but that would be even scarier in the current league
I say end this stupid ridiculous league and do something constructive with the money lost and spent in this worthless league.

Mark, I am not a WNBA fan either. But your comments do make you seem like you are the Bohemian Mammoth with a brain of the size of a fly.

There are little girls growing up who would love to have a female sports role model. It is very constructive for young girls who want to involve in sports. Trashing something that unimportant to you but very valuable to millions of little girls, what does this make you...? A selfish worthless piece of a ----!

May be you didn't have a mom who would educated you? May be a sister who needed or gave the love when you were growing up? Or perhaps you could not have a girlfriend/wife that would put up with you?

I think before asking what's wrong with the WNBA, you should ask yourself what's wrong with you first.
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