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Default 2008-2009 Raptors Predictions

I know it's hard to judge all this for one team but here goes!

Team MVP
Obviously I have to pick Chris Bosh as the team's MVP! He's simply the best player on the team, he'll lead the team in most categories. The Raptors are also HIS team, so everything goes by him, where Bosh goes the Raptors will follow.

Break-out player
I'll go with the unpopular vote on this one, Andrea Bargnani. I still see so much potential in this kid and when he'll find his ideal situation he might become half of what we all expected. He'll benefit as much as Bosh from the addition of O'neal in the line-up. He'll basically become the 6th man but when playing in place of #4, he'll be playing PF and will be able to stretch the diffense to the outside. Kapono and Moon would also be good choices; Kapono will find himself wide-open for that deadly three when Bosh and O'neal patrol the inside of the paint. As for Moon, if he can improve of last years season, he might find himself to be a key asset to the team.

Biggest disappointment
Coaching. I am not a fan of Sam Mitchell. He's done respectable work for the team but in my eyes he's a glorified assistant coach. He's very good with young players and he's emotional but he shows no knowledge of the game. The X's and O's are a vitale part for a team like the Raptors, enough with coming out of time-outs and getting consistantly beat on the play.

Defensive Player of the Year
Jermaine O'Neal is my choice, if at 100% he'll be a monster in the paint for the Raptors. He'll be grabbing boards like no other center we've seen in years, he'll become a huge presence inside the paint and plug the biggest hole in our defense.

6th man of the year
I know this one's far fetched but by looking at different updated depth charts have Roko Ukic, Hassan Adams, Jason Kapono, Kris Humphries and Andrea Bargnani as the players coming off the bench this season.
Andrea Bargnani is my pick... see above...

Biggest surprise
The Raptors get to the Eastern conference finals!!! The Raptors are a team that can cause quite a stir in the playoffs, the teams foundations are nearly complete, and if someone can step up and fill that void at the 3 spot, with the right coaching Toronto could actually give the eastern conference a scare.

GM's move of the year
I'm convinced a coaching move is coming, like I said before I don't like Sam Mitchell. I also beleive that Brian Colangelo is close to pulling the plug on Mitchell. I can't really provide any names but as long as the new coach can give direction and valid instructions on the court, the Raptors will be better off.

Eastern conference Standings
1. Boston Celtics
2. Orlando Magic
3. Detroit Pistons
4. Cleveland Cavaliers
5. Philadelphia 76ers
6. Toronto Raptors
7. Miami Heat
8. Washington Wizards

League MVP
Lebron James

NBA Rookie of the year
Michael Beasley

I hope you guys can give us your own picks and reasoning (I didn't provide much of that).

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