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Default Re: 2008-2009 Raptors Predictions

Originally Posted by T-Low
I put Toronto above Philly for one main reason, the dynamic duo of Bosh and O'Neal could be a devastating front court. Don't get me wrong, Dalembert and Brand is good, but with Dalmebert's bad summer coming off leaving Team Canada and having an even more smaller role now that Brand is in there, they don't exactly have the same offensive touch as the raps do up court.

Dre, Thad, Lou, Iggy >>>> Raps backcourt though.

As long as our post play doesn't limit ball movement, I think our O should be solid. JO has long been considered a black hole, and he takes a ton of jumpers, which doesn't compliment Bosh well. If one of them can stay on the low block (ideally JO), then I think it will be fine.
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