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Default Re: Bargnani Will Make or Break the Raptors!

Bargnani is not a make or break for the Raptors. And I think he deserves more time. I agree with RAPSCANWIN that by christmas we should know what we have, a player worth keeping because of the special skills and talent he has or a player to use to fill a gap.

Q, Kwame has had a lot more time to under-develope then Bargnani has had. I know you don't like him, much as I was not a TJ fan to the dismay of many people here, but I think Bargs deserves more time. It's not like he's a locker room cancer. Remember when he got his ass knocked to the floor (I can't remember who we were playing), he took a hard hit to the head. It took a couple minutes to get off the floor, everybody thought he was coming out of the game, but he get's up and makes the two free throws.

The kids been learning, very tough year last year, but I remain hopefull because of what I've seen. Of course I have to forget that he was number 1 overall pick.

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