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Default Re: Bargnani Will Make or Break the Raptors!

Originally Posted by jrcp3
This is the year for all you people who still have hopes for Bargnani ..... if he doesn't improve alot more from last year then he is considered a BIG TIME #1 overall pick BUST ..... he will MAKE or BREAK the raptors this year, we need 1 more 18ppg+ or around there Scorer and he has to be that guy .... if not we will lose and he proves to us that he sucks and BC made a BIG TIME mistake ....

I wouldn't say he's gonna make or break the team.

To be more precise, I'd say even if Bargs played like last year, Raptors are still a 45-48 win team (assuming JO works out).

Bargs playing great --- like a 15+ ppg player, consistently solid 6th man, would make Raptors a 50-55 win team. An elite team.

Even if he sucked this year, nobody is as bad as Kwame.
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