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Default Re: Bargnani Will Make or Break the Raptors!

A first overall pick is meant to transform a team.

Barges has not done that.

Barges may/will yet grow into a productive player; but by the standards of a 1st overall he may never meet that much hype.

There have been lots of 1st overalls that never panned out in every sport.

Nor will Barges make or break the Raps this year.

He could be the difference between a deep run into the plays off or "on the a bubble 1 round and out" type of season.

However if he plays 30 minutes + - rotating thru 3-4-5 and adding points plus 6 - 8 rb per game... the Raptors will have too many threats for most teams to handle ; not to mention size.

Good match ups.

I look for Barges to demonstrate significant improvement with some cleaner outside looks for shots (when playing 3-4 in rotation)
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