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Default Re: Bargnani at SF next year? Again?

Originally Posted by Jballer
I just want to say....


No this is not a bad idea... Barges might be a defensive liab against quicker and smaller 3's but that is why we have 2 - TWO - BIG INTERIOR D STOPPERS.

Its called rotation.

I also like the mis matches it will create on the O.

3 forwards at basically 7 feet. Sounds like some easy buckets on the RB.

Mind you not for 40 minutes a game... Barges should get 10 minutes + at 3 and rotate through 4 and 5 giving both CB4 and JO rest time.

Bargnani at the 3 does not create any offensive mismatches. He doesn't have a post game and his quickness advantage over other bigs will be negated when being covered by other small forwards.

His greatest offensive strength relies on opposing big men not coming out to close out on him, leaving him for open jumpshots. Most NBA small forwards will be able to close out on him fairly easily and at the same time be able to keep Andrea in front of them.

Yes, the addition of Jermaine improves the interior defence but why compromise that by making an already poor perimeter defence worse? The Raptor's will have no trouble scoring, we need to put the best defence we can out there.
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