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Default Re: Bargnani Will Make or Break the Raptors!

A.M.G., good post.

But I don't buy into the anti Canadian NBA conspiracy theory. Stern and all the owners care mostly about money first, and the Raptors organization has certainly proven to be an asset to the league with respect to that.

It is unfortunate that the year Colangelo arrives at the helm of the Raptors we win the first overall pick in the draft and it happens to be a very weak draft. Their was no consensus # 1 pick, except after Colangelo made it clear he was taking Bargnani. I think the popular choice would have been Aldridge because of his Texas roots and friendship with Bosh. But as you stated their were some major busts that draft year and Bargnani is not the worst of them. Bargnani just happen to be the number 1 pick in a non consensus year. Also, brwnman was correct in stating that Oden had already declared another year of college ball.

And, as Oden goes, I would like to see him play a few games before I annoit him the second coming of the modern (or pre-historic) centres. And keep in mind that the way Portland is stacked, Oden could have a very easy transition into his first year and look a lot better then he really is.
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