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Default Re: Bargnani Will Make or Break the Raptors!

Bargs is not a bust yet. Everyone forgets that he was the second best rookie. He was probably the 4th best sophmore, but that doesn't mean anything. Gotta have one more season to evaluate him.
Of course we would all prefer gay or roy. But going back to the draft Gay was questioned for on-court and off-court antics. He didn't have a spectacular college year and he fell to 7th for a reason. If we can say that BC was probably deciding between roy, bargs and aldridge. Than bargs seems like the best choice at the time. Aldridge looked the same then as now - a solid above average player who was already near his ceiling. Bargs was the biggest guy available and he could shoot from ANYWHERE and he could drive like a SF. It was just too enticing.

Roy would have been the best pick, but for some reason no one wants to take a 2g first overall (especially one that is undersized). The last one was iverson in 96 and they thought he would be a pg. Before that you have to go way back in the 80's (even MJ was passed over twice!). You could start a whole thread about 2g's that were undervalued. I personally thought they should have taken Morrison, wow am i glad they didn't. So still looking back Bargs looks like the right pick, unless you break the mold and take a smaller player.
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