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Originally Posted by craigthomasb
charlie V, eric williams and the #1 for pau gasol and #24


eric williams, alvin williams and the #1 for pau gasol

so memphis get 2 expirers to give them cap space soon, and the #1 pick so they get a young new franchise guy to build around as gasol aint working

I don't agree with the first trade. First of all, we would be giving up Charlie V, who has great potential that may possibly rank within Gasol's level in the future. We also need the 1st pick to address our liability centre needs. The 24 pick may be a slide too far down.

The second trade is improbable. They may clear space but there are some key points to consider. For a pick, it may take time to develop. If Gasols gone, they would surely be in the rebuilding process with Eddie Jones expiring also. I don't think they would want to be in that stage like we were.

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