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Originally Posted by FabCasablancas
Drk. It isn't even close. People only look at guys like Kobe Tmac AI and Wade whenb they are "ON"... Dirk is a much much better player than these guys consistently.. an he makes the players around him better consistently because of the mismatches he creates.

Dirk makes the players around him way better than Tmac.. put dirk on the same team with Yao, and they'd have a championship. Even with craptastic Van Gundy coaching..

Dirk disappears just as often when his team really needs him. The truth is that they're both above average in clutch situations though. Nobody wins EVERY game.

It's pretty hard to argue that Dirk makes people around him much better, since he rarely ever creates off the dribble. Perhaps commanding double teams opens things up for his teammates, but the same could be said about any star in the league, including Tracy. You ever think Dirk just has players around him that are already good?

You honestly think that if you switched Dirk and Tracy in the Houston/Dallas series that the Rockets would have won it? You really think that?

Originally Posted by Rocketeer
T-Mac got 13pts in 33secs vs the Spurs i would love to see Dirk The Choker even come close to that

This argument is almost as weak as it is overdone.
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