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Originally Posted by JSub
Just stop talking. Every word you type just lowers your credibility even more.

Ok, I'll stop just b/c you told me so. Out of the Superstar swingman I would rate T-Mac:

1. Kobe
2. Wade
3. LBJ
4. PP
5. Carmelo Anthony

And then you have T-Mac and VC, and a notch below you have Jamison and Richardson.

T-Mac is just to inconsistent for me to like and he has a bad back problem.

As for Dirk, how many big men would you take over him? Duncan, probably. KG, maybe. Brand, no. Dwight Howard, maybe b/c he's younger, but that's probably it. Just face it, Dirk is much more unique and creates bigger mismatches and is why I would take him. T-Mac is just another athletic swingman who's selfish and just scores.
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