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Default Re: If Bonzi Wells comes for the minimum, would you be for or against the move?

Originally Posted by brwnman
The luxury tax is a funny thing. Many teams don't want to cross it, because they have to pay dollar for dollar, but in this case, Bonzi Wells is a player who is obviously worth more than the vet's min. (I think it's around 1.1 million). Now if we were to pay him that much, and double that pretty much, so we'd be getting Bonzi at a price of just over 2 million. Now, it that something you might be interested in? (Entourage reference). Now would you want him knowing his reputation, and will he fit with the team structure? I think as a player he could help us, but I don't know if we want a player like him, who is always one of the last left in FAs because of his desires in contracts and his attitude...

Well technically the team would have over half of the 1.1 million subsidized by the league because of the veteran status of Wells.

Toronto would have to pay the roughly $400,000 minimum salary (which would be doubled by the luxury tax threshold). The roughly $8-900,000 "salary" paid to Wells would be well worth it if you ask me.
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