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Default Re: If Bonzi Wells comes for the minimum, would you be for or against the move?

Originally Posted by BankShot
Absolutely he would.

Think of all the useless players that cost their respective ownership considerably more than $800,000 per year, score less than 8-9 ppg, and are less reliable than 45-50 games.

I mean the Collins brothers are making at least $5-6 million per year and contribute much less than a gritty veteran who could give you 8-9 ppg, regardless of him missing 30 games

At least they do it every game a no show is a no show...would you want to keep someone who is on your work staff who only shows up for half of his shifts? hell no what are you saying?? $800,000 is alote of money to throw away I don't care who you are...

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