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Originally Posted by bada bing
I know this is a discussion about Jamario Moon but the comments against Kapono are surprising. Last season the Raptor's didn't have the presence in the paint they will this season. With Bosh and O'Neal, we will be driving down the paint constantly. They will cause defenses to collapse, leaving guys in the paint open.

Jason Kapono is the leading 3 point shooter for the past 2 years in all of NBA. The guy will be able to play his game now if we have Bosh, O'Neal and Moon on the court. Sam Mitchell needs to give Kapono more minutes. I would very much consider starting Kapono. Think of the defensive mess other teams will be under: Bosh and O'Neal in the paint and Kapono's lethal shot from the perimeter.

In terms of Moon: I am totally against the guy that said he would like to see Moon take more 3 pointers. WTF!! I want Moon to take only and ONLY open 3 pointers or heck, get in and go for a layup or an easy two. The guy has the quickness and the hops to get in there....Seeing him stand around the perimeter and take 3 pointers instead of going down the paint was very Vince of him....Stop taking 3 pointers...

Moon for 3? You might as well ask Bosh to shoot 3s ha ha ha
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